The hand-held transmitter (up to 65 feet) gives you complete control of up to 5 awnings. You can program your awning system to automatically respond to weather conditions while you're home and away. Your retractable awning can be mounted to brick, block, siding, roof or wood framing members of your building. This is the strongest and safest awning adjustment shoulder mechanism on the market. It features a highly specialized urethane compression joint that resists/deters rain and wind damage. The wind-sensor signals the controller to retract the awning when the wind becomes too strong. The heavy-duty mounting brackets provide the extra strength and durability needed for the Awnco permanent installations.


“Our goal is simple: provide high-quality awning and shade products and make sure our customers are completely satisfied with the work they receive. We design every product with architecture in mind to enhance the beauty and comfort of the customer’s home.”


Awnco Retractables

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