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Hi Leila,
Every time I walk into my mom's room, and see how pretty are the shadows of the overhead branches through the awning, I think, I must tell Leila!  The light beige was the perfect choice-instead of making the room darker, the awning actually adds a warm glow in the room that is very pleasant, and my mom enjoys the view without the old glare.(and of course, I make sure everyone plays a little with the remote when they first see the awning). Thanks again, and a lovely summer to you and your family.


Dear Leila,
We didn't sit out on our living room balcony because the sun shown on it almost the whole day. Since you and your Awnco crew put up this awning we enjoy sitting out here daily.  You gave good advice concerning color, type of framework, size, and you even provided the custom teak pads. We are pleased, and Thank You. We appreciate your professionalism, friendliness and service.

Kathy and Frank

The shades you installed on our home really exceeded our hopes.  Your recommendations for screen density were right-on...they block just the right amount of light, create a lovely atmosphere, and protect our interior varnished woodwork wonderfully.  It was such a great idea! Thank you.

Teresa and Knowle

The following testimonials are from survey responses through Diamond Certification from verified customers.

Customer Name Customer Satisfaction Rating Customer's
Intent to
Verbatim Customer Survey Response Based on Last Purchase Experience
Aaron H. 10 out of 10 Yes "Leila Jacobsen is good and reliable."
"It was all good, and it was pretty affordable too. I think she did a good job all in all."
Blaine R. 10 out of 10 Yes "Leila delivers everything she promises. The awnings look absolutely beautiful. They are really tight and snug."
"Leila is really easy to work with. She has been doing it for a long time and has a lot of experience."
Don P. 10 out of 10 Yes "I think that they are very efficient in the installation, and they are on time and very helpful. If I have any problems after the installation, they are very willing and come out very promptly."
"The personal service that I get from them, I consider Leila a personal friend."
Ed K. 10 out of 10 Yes "She did fabulous work on my yacht."
"She was prompt, and she did what she said she would do. I was pleased with her."
Sheryl N. 10 out of 10


"The awnings are flexible in their use."
"The awnings are versatile. You can have the shade or you can bring them back."
Jay L. 10 out of 10 Yes "They are easy to use, look great, and makes the house value better. I now have a second one."
"I like that it brings shade."
Julie W. 10 out of 10 Yes "They are on time, reliable, and bend over backwards for everybody."
"I like Leila. Her customer service is excellent."
 Lisa R.  10 out of 10  Yes "I recommend them most highly, and I have in the past. They did an excellent job, and they had excellent customer service."
"I liked the way it was done and how she handled it. I had a little problem, and she came back twice and made it perfect. I am really impressed by her."
 Miranda H.  10 out of 10  Yes "The proprietor is fantastic."
"The product"
 Neysa F.  10 out of 10  Yes "Just that it all went extremely well. I was very pleased, and they were very professional."
"The product has lasted very well, and the company has provided me with good customer service."
 The C.  10 out of 10  Yes "The product works perfectly."
"They custom made something for me."
 Penelope M.  10 out of 10  Yes "It's a good product."
"I liked the fabric selection and that it is automatic. It works well."
 Bonnie D. 10 out of 10  Yes "They do what they promise to do."
"They are high quality."
 Katie V. 10 out of 10  Yes "I would tell them that they did a good job, and it works well. We understand how to use it, it looks nice, and it is practical."
"The high quality"
 Katherine G.  9 out of 10  Yes "It was easy, and they took care of the details for me. I really only had to make choices among relatively few options. I didn't have to sit there and pour through catalogs. They were friendly and easy."
"The product, it does the job."
 Norma B.  9 out of 10  Yes "It is very easy to operate and very dependable."
"It retracts by itself. I am happy with what I have."
 Travis T.  9 out of 10  Yes "The person who came out was very personable, accommodating, and it was high quality. I felt it was easy to work with her."
"The quality and the ease of the service, she came out and took care of it all within the same day."
 Chris M.  8 out of 10  Yes "Nothing"
"They get back to me pretty quickly, and the service is pretty efficient."

“Our goal is simple: provide high-quality awning and shade products and make sure our customers are completely satisfied with the work they receive. We design every product with architecture in mind to enhance the beauty and comfort of the customer’s home.”


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